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As this COVID 19 Pandemic has turned out to be a once in a life time experience universally, it made us realize that there are limitations to be accepted in everything  vailable to us and the education of the children is one among them.

This has shed a new light to the insight of remote education, that if properly nvisioned, could be embraced as the best learning method, all the time the well being of the child given the prime importance.

We have no idea about the time period nor the status of our world and smaller community at this point. The only solution is to engage children with constructive activities that can also enhance their learning in the lockdown period.

Please be reminded that


Children pass through stages (specific time periods) throughout their development where they have a predisposition or sensitivity towards learning a specific skill. These stages are called "Sensitive Periods".

We provide you all necessary knowledge to effectively engage with your child during the "Sensitive Periods".


How does it Happen?

We deliver the ACTIVITY BOX to your home. We ensure the child is engaged in appropriate creative developmental work during the formation stages. The child achieves development of true human potential through purposeful activities which fulfill their developmental needs aptly. With our highly innovative framework involving best of the technologies, we shield the children from passive exposure to gadgets and enhance their concrete learning in building strong fundamentals.

Who can use this?

Parents who want to engage their children at home.
 Parents who are doing home schooling or who want to do home schooling.
 Regular School Teachers who want to creatively engage their children.
NGOs who want to take education to deprived children.